Life and its calamities…

I used to think that life gets easier with time. We learn more about ourselves, we discover our strengths and weaknesses. We become wiser, calmer. So, the going must get easier, right?

How wrong I was! No, sir. Life does not get easier, no matter how prepared you think you are. It isn’t just that the game gets bigger, it changes. And it changes you. You settle the dust around you, only to melt in the flux again. You learn, and then unlearn. You fall, and then pick up. The haze stays where it is. You are forever nebulous, searching and groping in the mist.

I am a traveller by nature. I am here, but not really here. Somewhere, something is constantly begging my attention. There is some mystery i am trying to unlock. Some world where my presence is needed. I am vital to its existence. In this astral plane, I have travelled so far and wide that reality mostly fails to amaze me.

I do not know how many people truly connect to what I feel. But what sets me apart from everyone else is probably this ‘mind palace’ of mine. I suggest everyone find their ‘mind palace’. What’s more, Sherlock would be really proud of you.


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